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B.D.D.S. offers multiple sanitation and cleaning service options to give our customers the best, most effective, safest service possible.

Disinfection Fogging

No two cleaning methods are alike, and different methods should be used for different projects. One of the most popular cleaning services that B.D.D.S. offers is disinfection fogging, i.e., the use of mist fogger machines to disinfect anything from a one-bedroom apartment to a skyscraper office building. Fogging is popular because it is entirely harmless to people and pets but is a highly effective way to kill viruses naturally.

Disinfection Fogging Defined

What is fogging? Fogging is a cleaning and disinfectant process that uses an ultra low volume fogger. An ultra low volume fogger, sometimes referred to as cold fogger, is a device that uses large volumes of air and mist emitted at a low pressure. The device eradicates mold, viruses, bacteria, pests, odors, and other contaminants. The cold fogger device emits a low-pressure medical grade disinfectant spray that is harmless to humans and pets but lethal to microorganisms. The mist used in the machine is a non corrosive disinfectant, the same type of product used in hospital grade disinfectant cleaners.

We Service Columbia, Charleston, Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort, Florence, Hilton Head, Orangeburg, West Columbia, Conway, Lexington, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, and neighboring cities in South Carolina.

How Fogging Works

Person with Protective Gear using Fogger

To perform fogging, a technician pours a solution of medical grade disinfectant into the fogging machine. Once emitted by the fogger, each drop of the solution becomes 900 nano-droplets (nano-droplets are extremely tiny droplets of water). As the droplets are emitted from the device, they are energized with tiny electric charges, making the droplets cling to anything they touch. This fine mist from the fogger gets into nooks and crannies and other areas that are hard to wipe/sanitize with human hands. The energized nature and tiny size of the droplets allows for disinfection for at least two weeks.

How Does Disinfectant Fogging “Permeate” a Space?

The cohesive nature of the nano-droplets allows them to travel deep into carpet fibers, tiny cracks in walls, ceilings, floors, light fixtures, appliances, closets, cupboards, etc. The cleaning solution itself is food-safe, and its disinfecting effects last for 14 days or more. (We recommend treatments every 14 days for all of our customers right now, given the current health crisis).

Fogging has the added benefit of eradicating mold, greatly assisting those with asthma, and allergies. The foggers can also treat rodent infestations, as the liquid cleaner will drive rodents and other insect or animal pests away. Foggers emit a mist so small that, in addition to resting on surfaces within the home, are easily sucked into air ducts, attics, crawlspaces, etc. Once permeated through the house, the mist will eradicate microorganisms, mold, and will repel pests.

An Optimized Cleaning Process

Fogging treatments are very toxic for pathogens, which are microscopic organisms. Fogging also kills bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted microorganisms like mold, fungi, pollens, allergens, etc. Such treatments are especially valuable because such treatments also eliminate “superbugs,” i.e., bacteria and viruses that become resistant to antibiotics. Such a cleaning method creates a safer home or workplace, protecting family members and employees alike.

Preparing Your Home for Fogging Treatment

Fogging eliminates bacteria and viruses at the molecular level. So, no matter how your home or office is set up, the entire structure and everything in it will be treated, and all unwanted microorganisms will be eliminated. With that being said, there are some things you can do to best prepare your home for treatment.

  • Pick up the space enough that our technicians can easily move about your home or workplace. Technicians will need to set up their equipment too. (Most equipment is hand-held and is easily carried in, but be sure there is maneuvering space throughout the home or workplace so our technicians can perform their disinfecting tasks effectively).
  • Make sure that your driveway or street parking has a spot available for our cleaning technicians. Most of our team members drive fleet vans, so be sure you provide clear directions to your home and that our team members have a place nearby to park.
  • You and your family members or employees should leave the premises while our technicians are performing their service. However, leaving the premises is not required! The mist emitted by the misting machine is non-toxic and EPA-approved as being safe for both humans and pets to breathe. However, we have found that the fog can tickle throats and may create some itching in the eyes when exposed to the naked eye. So, we suggest that residents and employees leave the premises briefly during service.
  • Ultra low volume foggers require electricity to operate, so make sure there are available outlets throughout the home so our technicians can run their equipment.

It takes very little to prepare a home or workplace for fogging treatment. Follow the above steps and our treatment experts will be in and out in a flash!

Wondering what your home or office will be like after the technicians leave? The mist created by the fogging device is so microscopic that it doesn't leave any residue or staining. Furthermore, the mist has a pleasant, clean air aroma. Residents, employees, customers, and anyone else who occupies the treated building can go back into the building 15 minutes after the treatment is completed.

Signing Up for Service

B.D.D.S. utilizes innovative technology to offer a much-needed service. By using EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant and a patented, application via a ULV (ultra low volume) machine, our team can provide complete sanitization and 100% coverage of all surfaces. This creates a clinically clean environment, similar to hospitals, intensive care units, assisted living facilities, etc.

B.D.D.S. offers a level of sanitation and cleaning that is simply unattainable via conventional cleaning methods. Not only is the process efficient, effective, and harmless to humans and pets, but perhaps best of all, this cleaning approach quickly rids a home or business of viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and other unwanted critters. In a time when we’re all trying to live in cleaner, safer, healthier environments, this is a service that people need!

Hospital Grade Disinfection for Your Home or Businesses

Please call us to set up a complimentary consultation. One of our estimators will come out to your home or business and provide a no-cost estimate for disinfecting your home or sanitizing your business with hospital grade cleaning products. Keeping our family members and loved ones safe from the spread of viruses and other pathogens could not be more crucial than right now.

Call today at 1-800-704-4654.

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