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Safe and Effective Sanitation using Hospital Grade Disinfectant and a Fogging Machine

Many Americans are beginning to realize the importance of sanitary, clean, adequately disinfected homes and workplaces. The coronavirus pandemic has taught the American people that a proactive, preventive approach to sanitation and disinfection is now a must. In the coming years, lifestyles will likely change. Home cleaning habits will evolve, and businesses will take on entirely new protocols to protect their employees and customers' health and safety. The goal here must be on keeping people safe and healthy.

But why the transition? And what are some of the ways business owners and homeowners can ensure safety and a clean, sanitary environment?

Contamination and the use of Hospital Grade Disinfectant Spray

The human race is no stranger to infectious diseases. Health risks crop up every year for entire populations because of ailments like SARS, MRSA (a superbug virus), staph, flu, pneumonia, HIV, Hepatitis, other blood-borne pathogens, and other viruses, bacteria, etc. Humans face risks with such ailments every year. But 2019 brought something entirely different. For all of the above ailments, scientists and health experts have created vaccinations and medicinal remedies that help to drastically lower the risk not only of infection but also of death should infection occur. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is an entirely new strain of coronavirus, a potentially lethal illness for which no vaccine or treatment drug exists. That frightens medical experts, because the virus is essentially an unknown, with no reliable way of determining just how damaging and lethal it might be.

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Effective Sanitation with ULV Fogger

Now more than ever, people need to be cleaning their homes, businesses, and facilities with hospital grade disinfectant spray. Using a ULV fogger (an Ultra Low Volume fogger) is a great way to do just that. A ULV fogger is a device that emits a cold fog into the environment. The machine uses large volumes of air at a very low pressures to transform hospital grade cleaner liquid into what are called “nanodroplets.” Nanodroplets are extremely small drops of liquid that are expelled from the fogger in the form of a mist. The mist from the fogger disperses the hospital grade cleaner into the environment, effectively decontaminating the space.

Non-Corrosive Disinfectants and Hospital-Grade Sanitizer

With such a colossal threat of contamination from a contagious disease for which there is no cure or vaccine, preventing the spread of the disease becomes the top priority. Such is usually done with sanitation and disinfection. There are many ways to sanitize an environment, whether it is a small room in a house or a large facility like a school, stadium, or office building. Liquid virucides, (potent liquid chemicals that kill viruses) commercial heat applications, pest bombs, traditional cleaning methods, etc. all help and all have their uses.

But what is the system that allows for the most effective coverage of a space while at the same time posing the least amount of risk to those in and around that space? Enter in nano fogging technology, the future of safe and effective cleaning techniques, and the best method for using hospital-grade sanitizer and medical grade disinfectant in a way that thoroughly cleans a space.

Nano Foggers – What They Are and How Nano Fogging Works

First, let’s define nano foggers. From a leading manufacturer.

  • The nano foggers are liquid ULV foggers suited to the application of spraying water & oil-based liquids in fine particle form for disinfection, pest/germ/odor control applications, etc. The fogger runs on a high-speed Motor that provides maximum thrust of spray, suitable for fogging.”

Nano fogging equipment can kill viruses and bacteria on contact. Furthermore, this treatment does NOT use pesticides or heavy-duty cleaners that people may not want used in their homes or businesses. The cold fogger approach does not require the use of protective gear (though technicians should use protective equipment if they are treating a home for viruses or pathogens, simply to protect themselves from contracting such diseases).

Why Nano Fogging with a ULV Fogger?

Many customers who are looking for sanitation services for their home or business choose nano fogger or ULV cold fogger services. There are lots of reasons for this, but the main ones are:

  • ULV fogger machines emit a fine, “statically” charged mist. This simply means that the mist adheres to surfaces (because it is statistically charged). The mist gets into small, tight spaces, and thoroughly disinfects the area. That even includes removing mold, pollen, and other allergens in addition to viruses, bacteria, and disease-inducing microorganisms.
  • ULV (ultra-low volume) foggers use hospital-grade cleaning products, federally approved as being safe for human contact. Even if the mist emitted by the fogger gets on someone's hands or onto their food, it is not harmful to humans (or pets) whatsoever. The use of such products creates a safe disinfection process, guaranteed to get rid of bacteria, mold, odors, and other unwanted contaminants, but to do so safely.

The Benefits of Ultra Low Volume Fogging Machine

Not only is the wiping, washing, and scrubbing of an environment with heavy-duty chemicals and high-strength cleaners harmful for the skin, lungs, and eyes, it’s also not all that effective. It’s easy to miss spots, gloss over some places, and totally avoid hard to reach areas like tiny nooks, crannies, and other, often ignored areas like ceilings, lights, high walls, etc. This is the only cleaning method that does this. Some places in a home or large building simply cannot be easily accessed by hand-applied cleaning methods alone. Fogging with a ULV misting machine, on the other hand, can permeate every square inch of a room or building, effectively disinfecting the space of all harmful contaminants, allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc. Such a device makes any confined space unlivable for harmful microorganisms, effectively keeping you and your family safe.

EPA-Approved Sanitation Services

One of the benefits of using a hospital-grade disinfectant in a cold fogging machine is that such a sanitation process is entirely safe and EPA-approved. You can disinfect your residential or commercial property to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and you can do so without using caustic or high-strength virucides. A statically charged vital oxide (a specialized form of hospital grade sanitizer) will eradicate viruses and pathogens without creating respiratory or tactile risk for humans, pets, etc. Even just fifteen minutes after a treatment is performed on a home or business, residents or employees can reoccupy the building and resume their daily tasks.

Hospital Grade Cleaners, like Vital Oxide, are safe for all surfaces including Food

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved the common medical grade disinfectant spray, vital oxide, as a registered disinfectant cleaner. It can be used to sanitize any surface, including food preparation surfaces! That means vital oxide can be used in restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals, homes, businesses, etc. It is completely safe to use this product anywhere food is prepared or consumed. Vital oxide is also used as a mold killer and odor eliminator. This liquid solution is an effective decontaminate for tackling a broad-spectrum of viruses, bacteria, (think MRSA, H1N1, strains of coronavirus, etc.). Vital oxide has no harmful byproducts and is safe for adults, children, infants, pets, etc.

Ultra Low Volume Foggers are the most Efficient Cleaning Method

Furthermore, the use of a hospital-grade cleaner in a fogger eliminates the risk of human error (human error comes from disinfectant wiping, vacuuming, and traditional cleaning methods that are not able to reach into all areas of a room). Using a cold fogger is an efficient method of disinfecting because the fine mist created by fogging machines can treat the many nooks, crannies, and hard-to-reach areas of any room or structure. And because the fog is electrically charged, the mist adheres to surfaces and continues to serve its decontaminating role for fourteen days or more.

Our Promise to You

Nano fogging devices, ULV foggers, cold foggers, and various hospital-grade disinfectant sprays are available on the open market. One can purchase them and use them in their own homes and office. They are quite expensive, however, and they do come with a bit of a learning curve to achieve maximum disinfection potential.

If you’d like professional assistance in safely and effectively decontaminating your home, office, large facility, or residential center, please call B.D.D.S. at 1-800-704-4654. We promise to deliver fast, efficient, and guaranteed service to decontaminate and sanitize your space. We offer no-cost consultations for all of our services no matter your project, and we will happily inform you on our safety protocol and sanitation procedures. Don’t let the current health crisis put you, your family, or your employees at risk. Please call today.

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